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Uh…I don’t know… But I do love that laugh more than anything in the wide world!

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Earth day fun

2 days ago

It’s a sprinklers and squirt gun kinda day👙☀️

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He is our King, our Lord, our Master, the living Christ, who stands on the right hand of His Father. He lives! He lives, resplendent and wonderful, the living Son of the living God. Of this we bear solemn testimony this day of rejoicing, this Easter morning, when we commemorate the miracle of the empty tomb, in the name of Him who rose from the dead, even the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.
-Gordon B Hinckley (Created with @tweegram app)

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Jax’s Easter loot 2014

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#tbt Happy National Sibling Day. Here we are looking extra cool (plus one Nana and one Tata). I Love my seesters so very much! I am so glad they get to be the crazy Aunties to my sweet boy. 👯👯💋

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Hottest day of the year today, so we decided to hop in the car, drive to the park, and play on the splash pad. Suddenly, the car froze and shut down. I slowly rolled to the side of the road, feeling like an idiot. I have run out of gas… Now we are waiting to be saved by my Mom @sunshinepoulsen because I’m am airhead.

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