The end. 😆

22 hours ago

Jax kept saying, More Red! I turn and see this…. I think I know where all the red went little man.

22 hours ago

Doesn’t do justice. Those are some dark fast moving storm clouds. 😱

1 day ago

Do you know what makes folding and putting away laundry even more pointless?? The fact that it’s all going to be packed up and moved to a new location and then get put away AGAIN in another spot in just a few days. Yes, I have a bad attitude, but am I right, or am i right??

2 days ago

Little dude is finally asleep, but Rosco is acting like a grumpy teenager. Please, stop acting so excited dog. The forest, dirt, and some rain are just what we need.

5 days ago

Human rights. ALL HUMANS. Love is the key.

6 days ago

People… It’s 4 am. Jax is eating a banana and on his third bottle. Is this an after affect of the super moon? Is he growing and changing, again? Sick? And most importantly, WHY!?!?

1 week ago

Soundscape at the idea museum is amazing! I think we had too much fun in there. (at IDEA Museum)

1 week ago

"Free lemonade. Free lemonade" said Jax. (at Candlelight Park)

1 week ago

Top O’ the mornin! From the top of a mountain… Kinda. Thanks @sarahpaddleboardlady I had fun😊 (at Usery Mountain Regional Park, Wind Cave Trail, AZ)

2 weeks ago